Welcome to the June 24, 2009 edition of the carnival of net worth.  I’m making a comittment to doing weekly Carnival postings from now on.  No more flakiness from this Llama, no sirree.  Sit back and enjoy these great posts, full of ideas on how to improve your net worth.

kathryn presents Buying a Car for $500 (Not a Typo) posted at Out of Debt Christian, saying, “Auto expenses are one of the biggest line items on most people’s budget, so from time to time we all try to trim them by shopping for cheaper gas or looking for lower cost insurance. Well, what if you slashed your car costs by 90% or more?”

Jack Schmidt presents Diversity Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry posted at SectorMatic Money Journal, saying, “Personal Finance – Everything for the Big Spender on a Budget. Now you can live like a fat cat, even if you’re on a money diet. Laugh all the way to the bank with Jack Schmidt and SectorMatic. It’s for you!”

jim presents How to Compare Mortgage Refinance Offers posted at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity.

Debt Freedom Fighter presents The Benefits of Insurance for Your Family posted at Discover Debt Freedom!.

Patrick @ Military Money presents CD Ladders Are a Good Choice for Short Term Investments posted at Military Finance Network, saying, “If you need the money within the next few years, you don’t want to take much investment risk. CD ladders and savings accounts are a great choice.”

nickel presents Questions to Ask Your Financial Planner posted at fivecentnickel.com.

kathryn presents Refinancing Answers posted at Out of Debt Christian, saying, “The interest rates are down and now have many homeowners considering the path of refinancing. Experts in the industry are encouraging those homeowners that do qualify for refinancing to take the leap (partly in hopes of stimulating the economy and the lending industry). It is important to look at the cost verses the benefits before taking the refinancing leap.”

Matthew Paulson presents How to Develop a Plan to Repay your Credit Card Debt posted at American Consumer News.

Savings Toolbox presents Are you Saving For a Job Loss or Job Change? posted at Savings Toolbox.

Tushar Mathur presents Long Term Investing posted at Everything Finance, saying, “Investing has its own language and understanding it can make it easier to be a confident investor. Two common terms you hear when people talk about investing are “bid” and “ask.” Here’s an explanation of what they mean.”

Deposit Accounts presents Don’t Forget to Plan for Windfall Money posted at Deposit Accounts.

jim presents Average Net Worth of an American Family posted at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity.

Patrick @ Military Money presents Tax Advantages of 529 Plans posted at Military Finance Network, saying, “Tax advantages for the 529 College Savings plan.”

nickel presents How to Pay Off Your Mortgage Early posted at fivecentnickel.com.

FMF presents Would You Work at a Job for Free to Prove Your Value? posted at Free Money Finance, saying, “One way to get a job when you don’t have one.”

Susan Saverton presents 9- Efficiency of Personal Investing Strategies posted at Pasadena Financial Planner, saying, “When pursuing optimal financial planning and investing strategies and controlling your costs and capital gains taxes, you also need to establish a time-efficient system to monitor, adjust, and adhere to your financial plan. You need to control and limit the time that you spend on your financial planning, and you need to focus your planning efforts on the most effective activities.”

jim presents BVC #14: Net Worth Isn’t About Money posted at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity.

BankMan presents Top high yield savings account rates posted at High Yield Savings Accounts, saying, “The top high yield savings accounts offer customers a good way to earn interest on their savings while their money is in the bank.”

Dorian Wales presents The Personal Financier: Personal Finance Management: Budget vs. Net Worth posted at The Personal Financier, saying, “While it may be recommended to manage both a budget and net-worth sometimes focus leads to better results.”

Jacques presents Making Money On Twitter posted at Monkeyprofit, saying, “The easiest way to make money on twitter”

Dan at Everydayfinance presents Natural Gas ETF Anomaly – Time to Exploit? posted at Everyday Finance, saying, “This article highlights a strange phenomena brewing in a natural gas ETF which may be ripe for exploitation.”

Debt Freedom Fighter presents How to Create a Money Management Plan posted at Discover Debt Freedom!.

Brian McKay presents Choosing a Home Mortgage posted at MonitorBankRates.com, saying, “Choosing a home mortgage is probably the biggest financial decision most people make in their lifetime. Making the wrong choice can cost you tens of thousands of dollars more in mortgage interest payments.”

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