This past Saturday I made an investment. The stock market was closed, so there’s no undervalued or high dividend paying security to talk about. No, I made an entirely different kind of investment. Calling it an investment may even be a stretch, as it isn’t likely to appreciate in value, or give off any cash returns. Perhaps it is more like a combination investment / insurance policy. What in the world did I purchase?

A gun. Specifically a Glock 19 9MM semiautomatic pistol. You may be wondering why I consider this an investment. Think outside the box for a moment. We’re always looking to invest and increase our net worth. But what would happen to you if you were the victim of a home invasion? For starters, anything of value in your home would likely be taken. That’s just the best-case scenario. Worst case, the intruder could take your life, or the life of your spouse / child.

Protecting my possessions is important to me. I work hard, and don’t want to have anything taken from me. But my family and my own life are far more important. If any drug addict / crackhead / gang member / random thef does break into my home, they might as well have taken their own life. I will kill to keep my family safe, and I wouldn’t lose a minutes’ sleep over it.  As for spending the money – is there any better use of money than protecting your own family?