Llama Money goes on Hiatus

After over a year of blogging rather sporatically here at Llama Money, I’ve decided some time away is in order. I am stretched too thin with my time, and if I can’t give a project 100%, it doesn’t feel right to continue. So, I’ve decided to go on a blogging hiatus at Llama Money. Whether […]

Carnival of Net Worth #19

Welcome to the June 24, 2009 edition of the carnival of net worth.  I’m making a comittment to doing weekly Carnival postings from now on.  No more flakiness from this Llama, no sirree.  Sit back and enjoy these great posts, full of ideas on how to improve your net worth. kathryn presents Buying a Car […]


I’ve started compiling my net worth report early this month,for a change.  Quite frankly, I’m  disappointed in myself for making several large purchases in the same month.  Normally I’m pretty good at spreading large purchases out over time, so they don’t hit quite as hard.  Not this time around.  I made two major purchases in […]

American Gold Buffalo Canceled

Fans of good old fashion US Gold bullion will be disappointed by this – the US Mint has cancelled the 2009 American Gold Buffalo series of bullion coins. For those who aren’t familiar, the Gold Buffalo is the only 24k gold bullion coin offered by the US Mint. Most folks who buy US gold go […]

Investing in your Business

Investing is a core item in the world of personal finance. Without growing your wealth, any hopes of retiring are pretty much shot. Normally when you think of investing, you think of stocks, mutual funds, bonds, 401(k)’s, Roth IRA’s, etc. That sort of thing – investing in companies. Often we invest in companies that we […]

Save Money with Google Docs

The first major purchase after a new computer is usually a suite of programs that we’ve all been using for years – Microsoft Office. You know, the suite that includes Word, Excel, and Outlook. Depending on what version you currently have, and what version you buy, this can run you anywhere from about $130 to […]

Carnival of Net Worth – AT&T Sucks edition

Welcome to the June 17, 2009 edition of the carnival of net worth.  Though AT&T has absolutely nothing to do with the carnival this week, I thought it important to mention their supreme suckiness in the title.  My biggest complaint?  The iPhone 3.0 update came out, with the long awaiting MMS capability baked right in.  […]

Estimated Tax Payments due today

If you’re self employed, or receive any sort of self-employment type income, then Q2 estimated federal taxes are due today.  Yes, it’s quite odd, when you consider that the second quarter ends June 30th – but this is the federal government we’re talking about here.  Logic need not be applied in many cases, including this […]

Microsoft Money gets the axe

For years, I’ve used various versions of Microsoft Money to keep track of my finances. I never really gave Quicken much of a chance – so I have no idea if it was a better product or not. The point is pretty much moot now – Microsoft has announced that they are axing the Money […]

Best Investment Yet

This past Saturday I made an investment. The stock market was closed, so there’s no undervalued or high dividend paying security to talk about. No, I made an entirely different kind of investment. Calling it an investment may even be a stretch, as it isn’t likely to appreciate in value, or give off any cash […]

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